Relieves Sore, Tired Upper Body Muscles

 Now you can do your own deep tissue massage to eliminate pain, improve range of motion, and increase flexibility.  Our 6.5cm form sphere allows you to precisely control pressure and movement when you roll on it.

Easy Positioning & Control of Movement

 You have full ability to apply and control pressure to the specific muscles you want to target. Equally effective used in an upright position against a wall or laying on the floor.

No Slip


 Our unique textured surface makes it easier to control the movement and prevents the ball slipping out from under you or falling if you’re using it against the wall.

Lightweight &


 Knot Away is the perfect on-the-go fitness tool. for pre and post workouts, office breaks, and at home relief. Throw one in your bag for easy, on the spot access.


"Knot Away is an awesome tool!  It is so helpful for releasing trigger points and muscle tension when a foam roller just won't do the job.  I am grateful for this product and use it for myself at home and recommend it to many of my patients in the clinic."  



Anne Cooke, PT, DPT, WCS

 Inner Strength Physical Therapy and Wellness

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Our Story


Hozz Industries, LLC (maker of the Knot Away) is a veteran owned company.  Knot Away began with the personal need for something to help relieve upper body muscle/joint pain.  Since 2012, I have (so far) had 2 shoulder surgeries (one was a total replacement), lower back fusion, and 2 total hip replacements.  I know a bit about dealing with upper body pain.  I tried many things to help relieve the pain associated with bad joints/sore muscles, but couldn't seem to find anything that really worked (short of medications, which I am not a big fan of).

I tried other products but they never quite worked.  Foam rollers were too bulky, and other products seemed a bit expensive.  I wanted something affordable and easy to take with me wherever I went.  I wanted something that kept me off the floor and gave me more control over the pressure I used.  I also wanted something specifically sized to help relieve upper body joint/muscle pain.  

After several trial-and-error sessions, I found something that was the right combination of size and material to bring relief, and the Knot Away was born.   It is a great product at an affordable price. They are sold in a 2-pack so you can leave one at home and one in the office, or one at home and one in the gym bag.  Heck, keep them wherever you want!  Knot Away:  relief is just a roll away! 



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Designed to relieve sore, tired, and aching muscles of the upper body, Knot away puts YOU in control of the tension by keeping you off the floor.

Physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletes all use therapeutic relief balls for their own self-care. Now you can too.

Sold in sets of two –  Knot Away massage balls are perfect for head, neck, back, shoulders, chest, arms, and hips.