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BEST non-invasive pain relief!

The Full Story

Hozz Industries, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  Knot Away began with the personal need for something to help relieve upper body muscle/joint pain.  Since 2012, I have (so far) had 3 shoulder surgeries (two total replacements), lower back fusion, (L4/L5) and 2 total hip replacements.  I know a bit about dealing with pain.  I tried many things to help relieve the pain associated with bad joints/sore muscles but couldn't seem to find anything that really worked (short of medications, which I am not a big fan of).









I tried other products but they never quite worked.  Foam rollers were too bulky, and other products seemed a bit expensive.  I wanted something affordable and easy to take with me wherever I went.  I wanted something that kept me off the floor and gave me more control over the pressure I used.  I also wanted something specifically sized to help relieve upper body joint/muscle pain.  










After several trial-and-error sessions, I found something that was the right combination of size and material to bring relief, and the Knot Away was born.   It is a great product at an affordable price. They are sold in a 2-pack so you can leave one at home and one in the office, or one at home and one in the gym bag.  Heck, keep them wherever you want!  Knot Away:  relief is just a roll away! 

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