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The Benefits of Knot Away

Reasons why we're better than the others.


No Slip Design

Knot Away is SPECIFICALLY designed to bring pain relief and help increase range of motion.  The material and size of Knot Away were designed over an 18 month testing period.  There's enough give to grip most surfaces, but also plenty of firmness to dig in deep to bring relief.

Lightweight and Portable

Unlike other products, Knot Away is made of foam.  This makes it versatile not only to use on just about any body part, but also makes it easy to carry around.  You literally can carry this pain reliever in your pocket!

Easy Positioning & Control of Movement

Knot Away was designed to put the user in control of the amount of pressure used, while also keeping you off of the floor to find relief.  The unique size of Knot Away will specifically target even the smallest pain area and give you the control to roll those trigger points away.

Non Invasive & Non medical

You can use Knot Away just about anywhere, and use it as often as needed.  Knot Away gives you the power to relieve your pain about whenever and wherever you need it!


Get Pain Relief Today!

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