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Reinventing Pain Relief

Non invasive and non medical solution to pain relief
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Relieving Sore & Tired Muscles


Knot Away is specifically designed to bring muscle relief and help with range of motion while putting the user in control of the amount of pressure used.


Knot Away is made of a lightweight, dense foam, designed to get deep into muscle tissue to relieve even the most stubborn trigger points. Sold in a 2-pack so you can keep one at home and one at the office, or one wherever you need it. 

The benefits of knot away

Easy To Use

Use the Knot Away anywhere to roll out sore, tired, aching muscles. Use it on the body area that's sore and see the result.

Total Control

Knot Away puts the user in total control of the amount of pressure used. Go gentle or go deep. Whatever you need.


Take it anywhere. The Knot Away is small and lightweight. Fits in your pocket or your gym bag. 

For Every Day pain relief

Non invasive and non medical

Whether you are post surgery, or deal with arthritis. Every day pain and stiffness can be a battle. This is your solution to staying loose! 


For the Athlete / Rehab and Post Workout

Increase your competitive readiness

Loosen up before your workout or help speed recovery after. The Knot away supports competitive athletes before and after the work. 


For The Weekend Warrior

Can't move like you used to? 

The Knot away is the perfect solution for the once a week noon ball game or the weekend activities you put your body through. 


What People are Saying


"Knot Away is an awesome tool!  It is so helpful for releasing trigger points and muscle tension when a foam roller just won't do the job.  I am grateful for this product and use it for myself at home and recommend it to many of my patients in the clinic." 

“This is a great tool for our patients to stay on top of care at home!  Awesome for keeping muscles relaxed to maintain range of motion.  Works great for pre- and post-workout.”

"This is the real deal. After closely watching all of the YouTube videos on how to properly use these very dynamic balls, it was clear to me that they would be pain relieving if done properly. And they sure were. I highly recommend giving it a try. I have injuries that are over a decade old and they are finally getting some relief. Thank you, Knot Away!"

Anne Cooke, Pt, DPT, WCS

Owner, Inner Strength Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dr. Ted Pietila, DC

         Owner, Peak Chiropractic &         Wellness, Marquette, MI

Julia R.

Chicago, IL

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